Ceramic Fish Bowl and Spreader

  • SAVANNAH Ceramic Fish Bowl
    SAVANNAH Ceramic Fish Bowl
  • $8.00
  • SAVANNAH Fish Spreader
    SAVANNAH Fish Spreader
  • $2.00
  • CHARLESTON Ceramic Fish Bowl
    CHARLESTON Ceramic Fish Bowl
  • $8.00
  • CHARLESTON Fish Spreader
    CHARLESTON Fish Spreader
  • $2.00
We curate our gifts, choosing only the absolute best products from farmers, cooks, and makers that we love! Our ceramic fish bowl and spreader is perfect for holding Pimento Cheese or any other favorite dips or your loose change. The bowl also features a coastal postmark from the city you love Savannah, GA.

Cheddar Pecan Biscuits

  • 16 oz bag
    16 oz bag
  • $16.95
  • Cheddar Pecan Lowcountry Tin
    Cheddar Pecan Lowcountry Tin
  • $9.95
  • Out of Stock
If you have ever spent the Holiday season in the South then you know that Cheddar Pecan Biscuits a delightfully savory Southern tradition. Here at Byrd Cookie Company, the Cheddar Pecan Biscuit is not only one of our specialties, but it's also one of our best selling products! We start with fresh Georgia pecans and perfectly aged cheddar cheese. Then we add a healthy pinch of cayenne pepper to deliver just a touch of heat. It' impossible to eat just one! Our Cheddar Pecan Biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to your evening glass of wine or favorite cocktail.

Ceramic Three Section Serving Plate

  • SAVANNAH Ceramic 3 Section Serving Plate
    SAVANNAH Ceramic 3 Section Serving Plate
  • $15.00
  • CHARLESTON Ceramic 3 Section Serving Plate
    CHARLESTON Ceramic 3 Section Serving Plate
  • $15.00
This 3-section serving platter party tray is stamped with coastal images in each section and the name of the city we all love, Savannah. Plenty of room for not 1 but 3 delicious Savory Biscuits.
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