Scotch Oatmeal Cookies

  • Scotch Oatmeal 16 oz bag
    Scotch Oatmeal 16 oz bag
  • $17.95
Our Scotch Oatmeal Cookies have a very special place in the heart of the Byrd Cookie family. The Scotch Oatmeal cookie recipe is a family recipe that had been passed along from generation to generation. In fact, the Scotch Oatmeal is the original Byrd Company cookie and we have been selling it since 1924! Today we use the same family recipe combining oats, cinnamon, vanilla, and raisin paste to create a delicious, crunchy, one-of-a-kind oatmeal cookie that has been loved by our customers for nearly 100 years! Taste a bit of history for yourself today.
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A classic done right
Jun 25, 2020  |  By Robb B
Nothing better than a classic done right! These cookies bring you back to those moments visiting family and having a sweet snack that reminds you of your Grandmother's kitchen. The subtle taste hits your tongue with a rush of memories as the full flavor gives you a satisfying warmth that a simple cookie gave you when you were young. Not to be missed!

Oatmeal Scotch Cookies
Aug 17, 2021  |  By Lorraine Vigliotti
Best Cookie Ever!

South's Sweet Secret - Scotch Oatmeal Cookies
Aug 30, 2021  |  By Cheryl Lynn Owens
I was in South Carolina recently in Charleston. I went to the shop on the street near the old slave market. It was a great surprise. I bought 4 bags for $25 of 8oz. Scotch Oatmeal cookies and I eat them with my tea and they are amazing. The pair nicely with a nice Black tea or Chinese Oolong. Ooooooh I'm just in heaven over the South's little sweet secret. I will be ordering these. You must move your operations up to Maryland so that I can purchase at and not have to wait for it in the mail. Love these cookies!!!

Nov 12, 2021  |  By Debdie Hartley
I love these cookies. Went to their store in Gatlinburg TN and they let me try every cookie and I bought every cookie. DELISH

Jan 22, 2022  |  By Travis
Particularly with a dollop of apple butter.

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