Scotch Oatmeal Cookie 6 oz Flagship Tin

A family recipe combining oats, cinnamon, vanilla, raisin paste, creates this deliciously crunchy bite sized cookie.
  • The Original. Since 1924
  • Flagship tin with logo

    One Byrd Flagship Tin
    6oz of Scotch Oatmeal

    Material: Tin
    Dimensions: Tin measures: 6" Long x 6" Wide x 2" Tall
    Care: Hand-wash only

    In 1924, Benjamin Tillman "Pop" Byrd, Sr.,at the age of 28, began baking his famous Scotch Oatmeal cookies in beautiful Savannah Georgia.He had a small bakery downtown near City Market and delivered the fresh cookies to stores around town in his Model T Ford. Typically, the cookies were sold out of large glass jars at '2 for a penny'. Pop's cookies quickly became a favorite among locals and several more items were added to the bakery lineup, but nothing was as unique or as popular as the Scotch Oatmeal cookie. As the business grew, Pop decided to move the bakery closer to home on the outskirts of town, a little community called Sandfly. In 1929, he converted a tin-sided barn into a larger bakery which he lovingly named "Byrd's Famous Cookies."
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