Holiday MERRY Gift Tin - Chocolate Chip Cookies

The MERRY in Christmas. Make everyone smile this holiday season with this classic tin.

One Merry Tin
6oz of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Material: Tin
Dimensions: Tin measures: 6" Long x 6" Wide x 2" Tall
Care: Hand-wash only

Although "Jingle Bells" is now a Yuletide staple, there is no mention of Christmas or any other holiday in the song. Some historical accounts report that the tune was first performed for a Thanksgiving service at church, but the lyrics might have been too risqué for an ecclesiastical audience. Given the songwriter's rebellious nature, it shouldn't be surprising that "Jingle Bells" has a bit of a rebel-without-a-cause attitude. The less-known verses of the song describe picking up girls, drag-racing on snow and a high-speed crash. The lyrics "go it while you're young" in the final verse of the secular standard is hardly about a holy or silent night.
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