Holiday 4 Tin Gift Set


Included Products:

Holiday BELL Gift Tin - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Holiday WREATH Gift Tin - Cheddar Pecan Biscuits

Holiday JOY Gift Tin - Key Lime Coolers

Holiday POINSETTIA Gift Tin - Pecan Praline Cookies

This holiday season spread good cheer and joy with our Holiday 4 Tin Gift Set!


JOY Tin filled with 6oz of Key Lime Coolers
WREATH Tin filled with 6oz of Pecan Cheddar Biscuits
BELL Tin filled with 6oz of Praline Cookies
POINSETTIA Tin filled with 6oz of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Material: Tin
Dimensions: Tin measures: 6" Long x 6" Wide x 2" Tall
Care: Hand-wash only

The giving of gifts may be one of the oldest of human activities that pre-dates civilization and may go back to the origin of our species. Even in primitive cavemen culture, the giving of gifts was fairly common as it was used to show love and affection towards one another.
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