Benne Wafer 6 oz Factors Walk Tin

Long known as "the seed of good luck," the rich flavor of the benne seed has graced Southern recipes for generations. Still made in the same time honored tradition, our thin, crisp cookies are laden with crunchy benne seeds and sweetened with a blend of maple and brown sugar for a true one-of-a-kind taste. A 300 year old recipe, we've been baking our benne wafer cookies since 1954. Balancing maple and nutty flavors, this subtly sweet, paper-thin, cookie is light and crispy. Packed into a tin depicting the Savannah Cotton Exchange built in 1886 located on Factors Walk.

One Factors Walk Tin
6oz of Benne Wafers

Material: Tin
Dimensions: Tin measures: 6" Long x 6" Wide x 2" Tall
Care: Hand-wash only

Savannah's Factors Walk is located on a bluff just above the Riverwalk. A diverse collection of brick buildings, Factors Walk was formerly a center of commerce for Savannah's cotton factors, or brokers. Home to the original Cotton Exchange, factors set worldwide cotton pricing from here. Running along the Savannah River, these vast brick buildings rise above the fluff and descend three or more stories to the river fronts. The street level contained the offices of the cotton brokers and the lower levels on the River Street side were used as warehouses. A series of iron and concrete walkways connected the buildings to the bluff. From these walkways, the factors would inspect and bid on the cotton as it passed below. Framing the northern edge of the city's historic district, Savannah's restored riverfront combines the rustic, timeworn beauty of the past with the energy of the future. Original, ballast stone streets are lined with authentic cotton warehouses from the 1800's. Now revitalized as restaurants, galleries and boutiques, the beautiful structures create a distinctive riverfront - the perfect place to stroll, shop or dine.
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