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NEW! This nostalgic truck tin is perfect for every kid in your life, even if it may be you... It's the most wonderful time of the year, whether your favorite is Key Lime Coolers, Chocolate Chip or crunchy Scotch Oatmeal, chances are you'll enjoy all sorts of cookies this holiday season. We are delighted to pass on the tradition of the Christmas Tin and encourage you to share these traditions with friends & family this Holiday Season.

1 Holiday Santa Tin
One 8oz bakery bag of Your Choice
One 8oz bakery bag of Your Choice

Material: Tin
Dimensions: Tin measures: 8 1/4" Long x 6 1/4" Wide x 3" Tall
Care: Hand-wash only

Christmas has always been a time for gathering. Historically, it was cold out, farming was done and there was plenty of time to visit. Cookies were made in large amounts with great care and stored so they'd be on hand for guests. In the late 1800s, traveling tinsmiths, or tinkers, would travel the countryside, offering to repair household items like a coffeepots & pans. The lady of the house might request a cookie cutter or storage tin made from the tin scraps. In the early 1920s, tins were mass-produced and became a staple of giving for the holiday season and harkens to a time when cookies were gifted in ornate and decorative tins.
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